I could be watching the Tour

on July 21, 2015

Today’s theme is watching. Oh, chickens. It’s July, and if you’ve spent any time here in the summer, you know this is TOUR DE FRANCE MONTH. Due to circumstances beyond my control, this was the time we had to be in Europe. We left on day three, and we’ll arrive home again with a mere…

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Today we’re watching ballet

on June 18, 2015

Fair warning: I’m going to gush a bit. If you are a fan of ballet–or even just a good story–grab “Afternoon of a Faun: Tanaquil Le Clercq”. A superb documentary detailing the career of Tanaquil Le Clercq, the muse of George Balanchine and Jerome Robbins, “Faun” provides interviews with some of her partners and friends…

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on May 19, 2015

I entirely forgot today was a blogging day, chickens, mea culpa. I did get 2000 words written this morning, so I hope that will be a consolation. (Veronica Speedwell #2 is well underway!) Anyway, today’s is a Watching post, and for starters–“Tower of London”, 1939. It’s a wretched excuse for history, but heavens is it…

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This theme is a fun one…

on April 23, 2015

Today we’re talking about things I love to watch. We will mostly be chatting here about old movies and documentaries–I don’t watch too much in the way of regularly-scheduled network stuff except “Elementary”. I am utterly smitten with TCM, but my cable provider has added something fun called Retro, and as of this month–cue the…

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