Veronica Research–fourth part wrap-up!

on May 17, 2017

Here we are with the fourth and final entry in the Veronica research series! The horizontal stack up there is one of my favorites. Here’s why: *KINDRED NATURE by Barbara T. Gates focuses on the Victorian explorers who were natural historians, using their travels to further the study of plants, animals, insects, etc. *Kirsten Ellis’s…

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Researching Speedwell, part 3

on May 10, 2017

This one’s a wee bit blurry–my apologies! Snapped it on the fly and didn’t realize until I went to upload it that it wasn’t perfectly clear. But it is good enough to give you an idea of what I’m recommending. *Mary Lovell’s A SCANDALOUS LIFE. Thorough and detailed biography of Jane Digby, the Englishwoman who…

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Veronica inspiration books–part two

on May 3, 2017

The five books featured here run the gamut of “explorer porn” which I’ve just decided might need to be a new category of non-fiction. On the far right is one of my forever favorites, COME, TELL ME HOW YOU LIVE by…surprise!…Agatha Christie. Readers the world over know Christie as the queen of mystery, but she…

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Quick like a bunny!

on December 6, 2016

Looking for a fabulous new read? The AMAZING Beatriz Williams and I are doing an ARC swap–but it’s today only so you have to hurry to win! Head over to my FB page for a chance to win an advance copy of WICKED CITY, the first book in Beatriz’s brand spanking new Prohibition-era series featuring…

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It’s nearly Thanksgiving…do I smell turkey?

on November 24, 2015

Here in the States it’s almost Thanksgiving which means the grocery stores are overrun and we’re all doing frantic things to pumpkins and turkeys. (I will point out again that our Canadian friends are so smart for doing this in October. I’d be willing to entertain the notion of turkey at Christmas if I hadn’t…

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Victorian round-up!

on August 20, 2015

Which sounds like a really AWESOME rodeo, doesn’t it? But we’re rounding up links, not cattle. I’m posting a few places you might like to visit if you love all things Victorian. *Postal delivery times. Did you know that Londoners could receive mail delivery up to seven times a day? Makes our six times a…

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Today’s new theme–archiving!

on April 28, 2015

There are always new folks stopping by the blog and so I try to make sure that fun pieces from the archive get a second–and sometimes third!–posting so they don’t get missed. Once a month, I’ll be digging through the archives to repost something from the early days of the Blog A Go-Go. Those archival…

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