On a brief hiatus

on April 21, 2019

Happy almost May! The online journal is on hiatus until June. Be sure to sign up for the newsletter (just over there to the right is an easy little form for you) before May 5 to get the latest. In the meantime, I’m off to New York this week for the Edgars ceremony!  

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Peeking behind the newsletter

on January 9, 2019

Do you subscribe to my monthly newsletters? You can sign up on the landing page of the site or use the handy form in the right-hand sidebar of this journal. Your information is never shared, and I send one and only one newsletter per month. Here is a look at what I sent in January:…

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If you aren’t signed up for my monthly newsletters…

on June 21, 2018

here’s what you’re missing! This was June’s newsletter. The notes go out on the 5th of every month and your information is never shared. If you’d like to subscribe, please fill out the wee form just on the right-hand sidebar. Dear Readers, Happy June! I hardly know where to start. You know the beginning of…

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Notes and links and books, oh my!

on February 28, 2017

I’m busy with the last round of revisions of Veronica #3 before it goes into production–phew! I absolutely LOVE this book, and I cannot wait to share the title and cover. (I saw the cover concept last week and it’s fabulous!) In the meantime, a few notes: *Have you contacted The Ripped Bodice about getting…

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Happy December!

on December 1, 2016

Rabbit, rabbit! It’s the first of the month, and to ensure luck, the first thing out of your mouth is supposed to be, “Rabbit, rabbit!” Do you do this? I remember about one month out of four. Anyway, happy December, my dears. The newsletter is going out soon, so be sure you’ve signed up–remember, an…

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Back to blogging!

on November 22, 2016

So today we’re resuming regular Tuesday/Thursday blogging until January 10–release day for A PERILOUS UNDERTAKING! First up, have you subscribed to the newsletter? There are exclusive goodies each month–all you have to do is sign up on the handy widget on the right-hand sidebar of the blog. Then, on the fifth of each month, my…

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Happy Thanksgiving!

on November 26, 2015

First, HEAPS of thanks to those of you who contributed to the auction and the Go Fund Me page for Summer Heacock and her family! Together, the two events have raised right around $18,000 and made all the difference for darling Summer and her family. She wrote a blog post about the experience, and I’m…

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An excerpt is coming, an excerpt is coming!

on July 3, 2015

If you don’t already subscribe to the monthly newsletter, NOW IS THE TIME! This month’s issue, going out July 5, will feature a two-chapter excerpt from A CURIOUS BEGINNING! Huge thanks to my publisher for making that available–can’t wait for you to meet Veronica! (If you need to sign up, just cast your eyes over…

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