Crimson Peak

Time to get our scared on!

on October 13, 2016

Or in my case, not really. I don’t like horror movies. I like a little stylish suspense, but that’s as risky as I’ll go. Here are a two pieces I posted, the first on Crimson Peak, the second on some of my favorite creepy classics. *CRIMSON PEAK: So last weekend I went to see Crimson…

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I have thoughts on Crimson Peak

on October 22, 2015

So last weekend I went to see Crimson Peak and it was everything I hoped it would be. Oh, first the caveat–if you don’t want to read spoilers, stop reading now and come back on Tuesday. I’m serious; I’m going to spoil this like nobody’s business. I should start by saying that I’m old-fashioned. I…

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