Ever wonder about the Templeton-Vane boys?

on July 24, 2017

Well, reader Jenny did and she asked about them on Goodreads. Specifically, she wanted to know how they got their names. Here’s the link to read all about it. I explained the STAR TREK easter egg in one name but forgot to mention another homage: Merryweather is actually named for one of SLEEPING BEAUTY’s fairies!…

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Talking of cabbages and kings–or just characters

on April 19, 2016

I am at a writerly retreat this week, doing writerly things, so it’s a good time to answer reader questions. Jenae tweeted: Your characters are so beautifully complex. How do you develop them? First, thanks! Very kind. Second, I don’t think of them as characters, I suppose. They’re not two-dimensional to me, and they don’t…

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Farewell, Downton!

on March 2, 2016

So this weekend is the end of “Downton Abbey” here in the States, and I’m ready to say goodbye. It’s been a fun run with all the ups and downs you want from a soap opera. And it is, most definitely, a soap opera. I have great affection for soaps. I haven’t seen one in…

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