Deanna Raybourn / Reading Group Guide:
A Treacherous Curse

Readers' Guide Questions


  • Stoker and Veronica are clearly drawn to each other and share a special connection. What do you think is the most significant issue keeping them apart?
  • Veronica’s relationship with the royal family is complicated. Do you think they should acknowledge her? What problems would this present?
  • In lieu of a typical family, Veronica is creating a “found” family. Which characters would you consider to be members of this family? What roles do they play?
  • Stoker feels strongly that the mummy of Princess Ankheset should not be publicly exhibited and that even the ancient dead should rest in peace. Do you agree?
  • Veronica’s character is inspired by actual Victorian explorers like Margaret Fountaine and Isabelle Bird. How do these women differ from the stereotypical Victorian lady?
  • Two of the new characters introduced in this book are Julien d’Orlande and J. J. Butterworth. How do they fit into Veronica and Stoker’s world? What roles might they play in future books?
  • The Tivertons are a blended family with complicated relationships. How does Sir Leicester’s connection with his protégé Patrick Fairbrother stoke Figgy Tiverton’s resentment? How successful is Lady Tiverton in her self-appointed role as peacemaker?
  • Stoker’s former wife, Caroline de Morgan, plays a significant role in the story. How would you characterize her relationship with Stoker? How has her remarriage to John de Morgan changed her life?
  • Veronica is invited to join the Hippolyta Club, an organization dedicated to exceptional women. How does the club’s motto—ALIS VOLAT PROPRIIS (She flies with her own wings)—apply to Veronica?
  • What do you think the ending suggests about Veronica’s future?