Deanna Raybourn / Reading Group Guide:
The Dark Enquiry

Readers' Guide Questions

  1. This novel sees the return of Nicholas and Julia to London after their exotic and extended honeymoon. How does the setting influence the story?
  2. What are the most significant challenges facing Nicholas and Julia as they settle into married life?
  3. How does Plum’s presence in the enquiry agency change the dynamic of the working relationships?
  4. With her lack of interest in domestic details, Julia is not a typical Victorian housewife. How does she resist this role?
  5. Several new characters are introduced in this book—most signifcantly, Sir Morgan Fielding. Describe his relationship to the established characters and what role he might play in the future.
  6. Nicholas reveals more of his past to Julia in this novel. What does he reveal and how might it affect their relationship?
  7. How do the Roma characters fit your perception of Gypsies? How do they differ? How does Granny Bones fit into the development of Nicholas’ character?
  8. What are the difficult lessons learned by Lord Bellmont in this story?
  9. How does Julia’s extensive and eccentric family fit into her life? How do they intrude?
  10. What motivates Lady Felicity Mortlake?