Q: When will the next Lady Julia novel be released?

A: The short answer to this one is that I don’t know. MIRA, the publisher of the Lady Julia projects, declined to publish any further full-length adventures after The Dark Enquiry, preferring to continue Julia’s story through the digital novellas. I finished out my final contract with MIRA with the release of Night Of A Thousand Stars and am now writing for NAL/PENGUIN.

Q: Will the proposed Lady Julia TV series mean more books?

A: Possibly. If the series is successful, there would certainly be interest in reviving the print series, but there is currently no news on that front. I’ll certainly announce as soon as there is any development.

Q: What are you working on now?

A: 2022 will see the publication of Veronica Speedwell #7, An Impossible Impostor, and I’ve already begun writing Veronica #8 (as yet untitled) as well as a stand-alone contemporary novel about four 60-year-old female assassins who have to work together to find a deadly nemesis. That book will publish in the summer of 2022–more details soon!

Q: Will the Lady Julia digital novellas ever be available in print? Why did you decide to publish them digitally?

A: Format decisions rest entirely with MIRA, the publisher of all the Lady Julia projects. At this point, they have chosen not to release the novellas in print, but audio versions are currently in the works and will be available soon.

Q: I don’t have an ereader. How can I read the Lady Julia digital novellas?

A: All of the major ereading platforms—Kindle, Nook, etc.—have free programs available on their sites. Just download the program and you can be reading on your smartphone, tablet, or computer within minutes.

Q: I live in the UK/Australia and can’t find the Lady Julia digital novellas. Where can I purchase them?

A: Here are my British and Australian publishers. Their sites will have the most up-to-the-minute purchase information for your country. Any titles you cannot find on their sites have not been published in your country. To request titles be available in your country, please follow the link on their website to contact the publisher directly.

In the UK: http://www.millsandboon.co.uk

In Australia: http://www.millsandboon.com.au/

Q: Will you speak to my book club?

A: Absolutely! I am happy to phone into book clubs to discuss the novels. Just follow the information on the contact page to request a chat.

Q: Will you read my manuscript?

A: Unfortunately, I am unable to read unsolicited manuscripts. If you are preparing a novel that has been contracted for publication, you may contact my agent to request a blurb using information on the Press page. I am no longer able to accept requests directly.