Which sounds like you should all be hitting up your local watering hole for a jolly game of darts, but it actually means that A TREACHEROUS CURSE is out in paperback today! It’s perfect timing–if you haven’t caught up with Veronica’s latest adventure, you have a month to get this one read before A DANGEROUS COLLABORATION comes out on March 12.

I’m also supposed to mention that A TREACHEROUS CURSE is the one that was nominated for an Edgar which is A Very Big Deal. And here’s the thing: I knew it was a big deal for me. I ran through the house, screaming and crying when I found out. People sent flowers. There was wine. But I had NO CLUE how big of a deal it was for my publisher. I got so many lovely emails from them, and I was so excited that my agent and I had already scheduled a trip last week to visit their new offices.

What I did not expect was to enter the conference room to find all the Berkley employees gathered with champagne and macarons and flowers, hollering, “SURPRISE!” with a congratulations graphic up on the presentation big screen. And because I am a stupendous softie, I burst into tears. The president said some lovely things and I tried to reply but ended up crying again because I am a super-cool professional person. It turns out that my publisher hasn’t had a Best Novel nominee in a very long time–like ever possibly. Our beautiful Veronica adventure made a wee bit of history there, and I am beyond thrilled. Seeing all those faces of all those people who work so hard to make it happen? I was awed. There are dozens of folks whose names you will never hear, whose contributions you will never know. But they are all there, working so hard to make our books what they are. To get to celebrate with them was the most extraordinary privilege. (And massive shout-out to the deliciously reclusive art team who ventured out to show me the proofs of the cover for A DANGEROUS COLLABORATION–it’s going to be SO fabulous. I cannot wait to share
with you!)