Catching up

Bonus post. Regular posting will resume Tuesday, November 22.

Alright, y’all–sorry for the radio silence the past few weeks. I was simply feeling too overwhelmed to post. Too much sadness, too much fear. I went to the polls two weeks ago expecting a very different outcome, and it’s been a challenging course-correction. Ordinarily I leave politics off the blog and only discuss such things on Twitter or FB, but I want there to be no mistake whatsoever that I stand with the people most at risk from this incoming administration–POC, the LGBTQ community, immigrants, people with disabilities, and any other group that will be targeted.

I’ve spent the last two weeks donating to appropriate causes, contacting my legislators, subscribing to print media, and checking in with friends who are now far more vulnerable than they ever thought they could be in 21st-century America. For suggestions as to how you can contribute, please check out the hashtag #smallacts on Twitter. In a nutshell, contact your legislators and the Department of Justice about election irregularities, take Paul Ryan’s one-question survey on the Affordable Care Act, subscribe to print media, contact the House Oversight Committee about conflicts of interest on the part of the President-elect.