on August 13, 2015

Sometimes when I travel to a place I love, I get homesick for it when I return and settle back into my normal life. I was raised on a steady diet of English children’s books and Earl Grey, and I can say I was homesick for England before I ever went. There are a few…

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London, part deux…

on August 4, 2015

One of the things I love most about England is the food. Yep, I am THAT committed of an Anglophile. But English food gets a bad rap. It may not be thought of as dazzlingly innovative or exotic (or flavorful), but people who think the English don’t know how to eat haven’t been looking in…

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I’m back, chickens!

on July 30, 2015

I’m back in the US and finally recovered from jet lag. (They say it takes about a day for each hour off you are, and that’s roughly true. It took four days for me to stop falling into bed at 9pm and waking up at 5…) The London part of the trip was pretty spectacular….

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Housekeeping notes!

on June 30, 2015

Did you think we were going to talk about bathtub ring? Nope, not even close. Today I’ve got a few housekeeping notes about the blog. Next Monday I’ll be leaving for London/Paris for two weeks, and between organizing for the trip and decompressing after the trip, I won’t be tending to the blog. You WILL…

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Linky go-round!

on June 25, 2015

It’s a veritable merry-go-round of links today–don’t get dizzy! *Thanks to writer pal Susanna Kearsley, I discovered the Live Cam Rome/Pantheon. A quick search turned up another in the Piazza Navona. Need a little armchair travel? There’s nothing better than pulling up a live cam and pretending it’s your hotel window. Make sure you’re eating…

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It’s time to make a plan…

on June 9, 2015

So I have a capsule wardrobe plan for the London/Paris trip next month. Will I stick to it? Heaven only knows, but I want to. I LOVE the idea of packing a smallish bag with plenty of room for souvenirs. (Sorry, I misspelled “books” there.) Much will depend, with apologies to William Carlos Williams, upon…

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So today we’re loving

on May 21, 2015

and I’m loving so much right now I can’t hardly talk about it. For starters, I woke up the other morning to a lovely email from the producer of the Lady Julia TV series asking my thoughts on casting. (He mentioned an actress I ADORE for the role of Julia, so I’ve been floating ever…

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In which we talk travel

on August 14, 2014

Reader question month continues with this query from Carroll R: I better get one in at least–I loved the description of Damascus, the bazaars and the restaurant where they ate and the feeling of being there in that time—-What did you research to be able to describe it so well, and, as I was conjuring…

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