It’s October!

on October 4, 2016

Time for vampires, witches, and all things spooky, no? It’s the season for reading Gothic, so gather round and let’s talk about THE DEAD TRAVEL FAST, my only Gothic novel, and my love letter to Victoria Holt, Ann Radcliffe, and Mary Stewart. There are lots of goodies with this one, and today’s post puts them…

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Books, books, and more books…

on August 30, 2016

Final series recommendation for August, and I’ve saved something special for last, my dears–Sarah Caudwell’s Hilary Tamar series. If you haven’t read these books, I hardly know how to describe them; they are unlike anything else I’ve ever found. Witty, engaging, occasionally malicious in a delectable way, the series follows the amateur detective exploits of…

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A lamentation

on August 25, 2016

Some writers are just taken too soon, and that is a heartbreaking fact. Kate Ross, author of the Julian Kestrel series, died in 1998 at the age of 41. Because of her tragically young death, there are only four books in the Kestrel series, but WHAT BOOKS THEY ARE. Julian Kestrel is a Regency-era dandy…

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Beach Party a go-go…and another series to rec!

on August 23, 2016

One of my favorite cozy mystery series is the Southern Sisters set by Anne George. Set in Birmingham in the 1990s, the books feature retired teacher, Patricia Hollowell, and her unforgettable sister, Mary Alice. They are warm and funny, and hugely nostalgic for me since Patricia is an almost perfect rendering of my grandmother–also a…

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Bonus post!

on July 13, 2016

To celebrate the release of her latest Lady Darby mystery, AS DEATH DRAWS NEAR, the delightful Anna Lee Huber popped by to share a post. Yay! Catch up with Anna and get all the up-to-date info at her site. Off the Beaten Path in Rathfarnham. Ireland with Anna Lee Huber I chose Rathfarnham, Ireland as…

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More books!

on June 2, 2016

Like most writers, I am a tireless reader. I collect armfuls of books from the library each week, I browse bookstores, and I take note of recommendations from Twitter pals whose tastes align with mine. (If you want a peek at what I’m reading, I frequently post book pics on Instagram.) And when I find…

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Welcome back, sun!

on May 26, 2016

For the past month, it’s been grey. Grey with cloud, grey with rain, grey with just more grey. But this week has seen the return of the sun and it’s glorious! Of course, the temperature has also shot up twenty degrees, but I’m not complaining. It’s just nice to see sunshine again. Summer is a-coming,…

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Taking reader questions!

on April 7, 2016

Here’s a question I received from reader Jessica. Reposting the response because it’s actually a question I get asked rather a lot… What’s the process you follow when writing a mystery? Do you know the answer (who done it) and work backwards, or do you let the characters lead to you the answer? For me,…

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Roll out the red carpet–we have a guest!

on October 13, 2015

Today I’m delighted to turn the blog over to Ashley Weaver. Her debut novel, MURDER AT THE BRIGHTWELL, was one of my absolute favorite books last year, and this autumn she’s back with the second book in the series, DEATH WEARS A MASK. (I’ve already gotten my greedy paws on it, and it’s GREAT fun….

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Meeting Agatha

on October 1, 2015

One of the questions I get most–and dread most!–is “Who do you read?” I dread it because it isn’t terribly original to invoke Agatha Christie, but she has been the most influential writer for me. She is the ultimate in comfort reading, whether I’m trundling along the main road of St. Mary Mead (in Inch!)…

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