It must be hot

on July 9, 2015

I’m not at home right now–YAY for European travel!–but I’m quite certain it’s hot at home. And July in Virginia is not the good kind of hot. It’s not a dry heat, particularly where I live. It’s muggy and soupy, and walking around outside feels like WADING. It’s purely gross, and the only antidote, besides…

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It’s time to make a plan…

on June 9, 2015

So I have a capsule wardrobe plan for the London/Paris trip next month. Will I stick to it? Heaven only knows, but I want to. I LOVE the idea of packing a smallish bag with plenty of room for souvenirs. (Sorry, I misspelled “books” there.) Much will depend, with apologies to William Carlos Williams, upon…

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Today we’re making

on May 14, 2015

Honestly, I expected the “Making” posts to be about food or crafts or other projects, but today we’re talking about a different kind of making: DEALS. I’m utterly delighted to announce that we’ve just agreed to a deal with Titan Books for the first three Veronica Speedwell books to be published in the UK! Having…

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Today we’re MAKING

on April 14, 2015

So our third theme is “making”. Whether it’s food or something crafty, this feature each month will highlight an idea for puttering. Do you putter? I LOVE to putter. Puttering is not doing chores; it’s not a formal hobby. It’s messing around in a desultory way, attending to things that don’t have to get done,…

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