Welcome back, sun!

For the past month, it’s been grey. Grey with cloud, grey with rain, grey with just more grey. But this week has seen the return of the sun and it’s glorious! Of course, the temperature has also shot up twenty degrees, but I’m not complaining. It’s just nice to see sunshine again. Summer is a-coming, and that brings a change in reading. Warm weather and sunny days send some people scurrying for thick family sagas or gritty adventure memoirs, but not me. I like lighter fare, the book equivalents of bias-cut dresses and fizzy cocktails and dancing on the veranda. Here are some of my perfect reads for lazy days:

*MURDER AT THE BRIGHTWELL. If you haven’t dug into Ashley Weaver’s series yet, grab this first installment. Set in a seaside resort with a glamorous sleuthing couple, it’s the perfect warm weather read. Like it? There’s a follow-up, DEATH WEARS A MASK, and the third book in the series is out in the fall.

*HAVING THE BUILDERS IN. Reay Tannahill’s medieval mystery doesn’t seem like an obvious summer choice, but trust me. It’s not a weighty, serious journey into the Middle Ages. It’s light and fun and thoroughly enjoyable. If you enjoy, there’s a sequel, HAVING THE DECORATORS IN.

*Anything by Mary Stewart. So many of her romantic suspense novels are set in the warm climates of the Mediterranean. THIS ROUGH MAGIC, THE MOON-SPINNERS, MY BROTHER MICHAEL–these three have Greek settings and are particularly good for summer reading.

*THE ROYAL WE. Newly out in paperback, this royal romp by the Fug Girls, Heather Cocks and Jessica Morgan, has been a HUGE hit. And with good reason. If you loved watching the courtship of Prince William and Kate Middleton, you need this book. Plus, the paperback edition has an exclusive extra scene.

*EVIL UNDER THE SUN. An Agatha Christie novel set in a seaside resort and featuring Hercule Poirot, it was adapted into a fabulous film in the 1980s. (Track it down if you get a rainy day. The script is great, and Diana Rigg and Maggie Smith are sublime.)

*Suzette A. Hill’s BONES series. Starting with A LOAD OF OLD BONES, this short series follows the exploits of an accidentally murderous vicar…how can you possibly resist that?