Wednesday round-up

Are you taking care of yourselves? I hope so. One of my favorite tools for self-care is @tinycarebot on Twitter. It posts gentle reminders to drink water, eat nourishing food, take a deep breath.

*A delightful surprise this week was getting a proper letter in the mail from a dear friend. It has been so long since most of us have received mail for its own sake, hasn’t it? We still get holiday cards and wedding invitations, but how often do we get a chatty note? Dig out your notecards and a pen and write one. Even a postcard will do. (My pal very sweetly noted on the back of the flap “I didn’t lick this” which was both funny and reassuring.)

*Don’t forget your fruit. Eat that citrus fruit you’ve got hanging out in the fridge. It’s good for your immune system and when you’re done, drop the peel into some water to simmer with a little cinnamon. The moisture is good for your sinuses and throat–dry passages are more susceptible to infection, I’ve been told. And citrus is always an uplifting scent. Cinnamon is consoling.

*Make a note of the upcoming Hulu series “The Great” debuting in May. If you enjoyed “The Favourite”, this was done by the same writer and also features Nicholas Hoult. It stars Elle Fanning as a young Catherine on her way to becoming The Great. It looks wickedly funny.

*Have you checked on your houseplants? Mine are in dire shape. All need repotting and it’s weird to order pots and soil through the mail, but I’ve done it. Plants are great for cleaning the air–another support for your immune system–and the greenery is cheering. Since fresh soil is a little tricky to come by, I’m also feeding the older containers with spent tea leaves. (We don’t compost, but this might be a grand time to start.)

*Want to solve a mystery? Reader Haley recommended the Nancy Drew games.

*Always longed to knit but don’t know how? Reader Erin says Mason Dixon Knitting is the way to go.

*Are you remembering to move? It’s easy to get stuck in your office chair, especially if you don’t have coworkers coming by or a lunch break to take. @iamwellandgood on Instagram posted a great bodyweight workout graphic to keep you moving around while you’re working from home. It lists one exercise to do for 60 seconds at the top of each hour. Give them a follow on IG for more health and wellness tips.

*Reader Ella says Future Learn is a great resource for online classes–she’s taking one on Jane Austen and recommends one on the history of royal fashion as well.

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