Victorian round-up!

Which sounds like a really AWESOME rodeo, doesn’t it? But we’re rounding up links, not cattle. I’m posting a few places you might like to visit if you love all things Victorian.

*Postal delivery times. Did you know that Londoners could receive mail delivery up to seven times a day? Makes our six times a week look a bit half-hearted, doesn’t it?

*British Library Flickr. LOADS of lovely Victorian things to browse here.

*An article about why you mightn’t want to wander the Victorian streets of London…

*But if you do go, here’s what to expect in a slum.

*Intriguing piece on Victorian drug use.

*And a little more about Victorian drug use.

*Need a Victorian name? The Random Victorian Name Generator has you covered.

*What are you really saying with your fan?


One thought on “Victorian round-up!”

  1. SuzanneH says:

    Thanks, Deanna, I really enjoyed reading these. Most of my older relatives and friends tell me that in the “good old days” there was no street crime, no drug use and no violent home invasions, and have been refusing to believe me when I say I have studied a lot of history and this just isn’t true. Now I have some printouts to prove it.

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