Veronica Research–fourth part wrap-up!

Here we are with the fourth and final entry in the Veronica research series! The horizontal stack up there is one of my favorites. Here’s why:

*KINDRED NATURE by Barbara T. Gates focuses on the Victorian explorers who were natural historians, using their travels to further the study of plants, animals, insects, etc.

*Kirsten Ellis’s STAR OF THE MORNING is a thick, detailed biography of Lady Hester Stanhope–another must-read for anyone fascinated by this mesmerizing historical figure.

*Mary S. Lovell is one of my favorite biographers, and her book A RAGE TO LIVE is the joint bio of Richard and Isabel Burton. A working partnership that spanned decades, their marriage is one of the most intriguing in history.

*The two Agatha Christie books–THE GRAND TOUR and her autobiography–are essentials for Agatha fans who want to know the woman behind the whodunnits. Her memoir is chatty and detailed, and her travelogue is full of interesting people and places. Did you know Agatha learned to surf in Hawaii? True story.

*THE ILLUSTRATED VIRAGO BOOK OF WOMEN TRAVELLERS, WOMEN OF DISCOVERY, AND WOMEN TRAVELERS are richly illustrated and packed with information about women who stray from the beaten path.