Today is a brand new day…

Today we kick off the blog changes, and it begins with a change in title format. No more “in which we…” That’s been around for a long time–ever since the original Blog A Go-Go, but it seemed like a good time to retire it. Today I’m revealing the first of the eight themes I’ll be blogging about each month. This one was the MOST REQUESTED, so it’s entirely down to reader demand–we’re talking about reading. That will be the blog tag for my book recommendation posts, so you can use that to search for any you might miss along the way.

Some general notes on book recs: I will occasionally (like today) flog one of my own on the grounds that if you weren’t a reader of mine, you probably wouldn’t be here. I will also occasionally (like today) flog a book written by pals, but again, if you like me, we probably have some overlapping taste, and you might well like theirs. Also, I’ll always disclose if I know someone, so you can take that into consideration if it matters. Just know that I won’t ever post something I don’t like. If it’s here, it’s because I read it and enjoyed it. So, the housekeeping notes out of the way, here’s our first entry on What I’m Reading!

*The Mystery Writers of America Cookbook. I was DELIGHTED to be asked to contribute a recipe to this book, and even more delighted because they wanted a recipe from my novels. I gave them the recipe for March Wassail Punch, a potent libation that features in the Julia Christmas adventures. There are recipes in here from LOADS of your favorite mystery authors, and it would make a fabulous gift for a mystery lover who likes to putter in the kitchen.

MWA Cookbook

*Also recommended: THE ROYAL WE by Heather Cocks and Jessica Morgan, better known as the Fug Girls. The Fugs and I have a long history of mutual love, and I was SO EXCITED when they sent me a copy of this a few months ago. I adored it. If you are a royal news junkie like I am, you will love it too. It’s a charming, touching, hilarious account of what happens when an average girl falls in love with a prince. (And the timing is delightfully appropriate since this month marks the wedding anniversary of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge and the arrival of baby #2.)

Royal We

7 thoughts on “Today is a brand new day…”

  1. Ali says:

    This is my first chance to comment on this blog so I really wanted to say congratulations on the Lady Julia series as well as much good luck with your new book. Julia and Brisbane are my favorites (I just finished re-reading the series) and I miss them but I’m really looking forward to the book.

  2. Maria D. says:

    I love cookbooks and especially enjoy reading cookbooks written by authors – I’ll have to check it out

  3. Patricia says:

    I’m reading Night of A Thousand Stars and was delighted to learn that it’s a March book. I had no idea. I love Poppy and Plum and Mastermind and everyone in it. Delightful! I was missing the Marches!

    1. Patricia says:


  4. Betty Strohecker says:

    The cookbook sounds amazing! Am looking forward to your recommendations. Also, add me to the many who are so excited about the Julia Grey TV series possibility. Hope there are more books too.

  5. SuzanneH says:

    In keeping with the theme, Kerry Greenwood wrote a fabulous book many years ago called “Recipes For Murder” which has short stories using famous detectives from literature plus recipes for all the food items mentioned in it. There is breakfast with Sherlock Holmes, food on the run with Philip Marlowe, a medieval feast with Sister Scholastica and many others. It is really good. She also did a little book as an accompaniment to the Corinna Chapman mysteries called, “Heavenly Treats From Earthly Delights,” which has about 20 recipes of food cooked in Corinna’s bakery in the series. There is a really good one for boiled chocolate cake that I make a lot.

    1. Betty Strohecker says:

      This sounds wonderful, Suzanne!

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