Today I’m loving

We have a Loving post today, and I am smitten with my Eyebobs. It’s a truth universally acknowledged that once you hit 40, you will have to make friends with reading glasses. I turned 47 last week, and I have an entire collection of these suckers. But I keep gravitating to my Eyebobs. I chose the Fizz Ed style, a classic shape in a black/tortoiseshell mix. My husband was the one to find them and sleuth out a shop in NYC that sold them, and on our last trip we each grabbed a pair. They are 4-5 times the price of drugstore readers, but that’s because they are MUCH higher quality. I keep reaching for these instead of the cheaper ones I have lying around. They feel substantial, like proper glasses, and they come in all sorts of fabulous colors and styles. If you have to wear readers, you might as well make it fun, right?