Things I Quite Like

Every once in awhile I like to share things I’ve discovered that I quite enjoy. Usually frivolous, sometimes silly, they are always items that have added a bit of pleasure to my day. Here are a few of my newest finds:

*Wraps. I spotted these in the Hudson Square Pharmacy in New York and dove for them. They are earbuds that wrap around your wrist like a Bohemian bracelet, keeping them close at hand AND untangled. I wrestle with my earbuds every time I travel. Whether I keep them in the case or shove them in a zipper pocket, they are always thwarting me. The Wraps solution means no more tangles EVER. I tried them out on the train trip home, and they’re perfect. A simple idea that works.

*My pal Jomie turned me on to Butter London’s Sheer Wisdom Tinted Nail Moisturizer. This stuff is STELLAR. It comes in six nude shades to suit different skin tones and it paints on like regular nail polish. The beauty of it is that it doesn’t wear like nail polish. Rather than chip, it dulls a bit which keeps you looking much more “put together” than missing hunks of nail polish. I have only been wearing it a few weeks, but Jomie has been using it for a couple of months and swears her nails have never looked better. Stronger, smoother nails and a beautifully-neutral look in the meantime? Sold.

*Urban Decay Revolution Lipstick in Naked. As much as I love my red lipstick, a girl occasionally needs a good nude. When I went hunting for the perfect neutral shade, I headed for Urban Decay, the maker of my fave crimson, F-Bomb. (Their lipsticks give great coverage, last beautifully, and don’t dry out my lips.) Sleuthing out a good neutral is a tricky thing. Many “nude” shades are too pink, too peach, too brown–or worse, they are too pale and give you “concealer lips”. Naked is the perfect shade for me. It’s enough color to make it look like I HAVE lips without adding too much of a good thing. Usually $22, the lipsticks are on sale 50% off now.

*Amope’s Electronic Foot File. I hate commercials that show people grinding dead skin off their feet, but what can I say? This works. Whether you’re between pedicures or prefer to DIY, this thing does the job, leaving soft feet behind. Just be careful when you’re wielding it…I’m not saying I got my kimono caught in it, but…