The chicken and the egg…

I’m away on the last week of the book tour for A PERILOUS UNDERTAKING and I hope your traveling along via social media links! (I’ve been lucky enough to have return visits to favorite stores, and this week I have the pleasure of visiting two new stores, so it’s just a big fat win all around.) Since I’m out of pocket, I’m reposting favorite reader questions and answers. This one is courtesy of Janet in April, 2016.

Does the book idea lead to research of the research lead to a book idea?

Oh, what a good question! And one to which there is no easy answer because it’s very much a question of chicken v. egg. I read constantly–memoirs, biography, natural history, essays, novels–any and all of which counts as research. Even when I’m reading something that is technically out of my chosen time period, I will find the odd scrap of information or a thread of a personality I can use. Those little gems get filed away for future reference.

Then, when I have an actual book idea taking shape, I start my research in earnest in a much more focused way. I collect anything and everything that I think might contribute to the book and begin to plow my way through it. Since I only write about things that interest me, this is rarely anything other than enjoyable. (That’s actually a technique I recommend–choose to write about subjects you REALLY like because you will be spending much time with them. Much, much time.)

For me, research and ideas is a deep and twisty symbiotic thing. There is no way to separate one from the other.

And that wraps up the launch month for A PERILOUS UNDERTAKING! HEAPS of thanks to all of you for making it such a great month. I’m so happy that Veronica’s second adventure is finally loose in the world, and I will be back to live-blogging next week–after turning in Veronica’s THIRD adventure to my editor!