Sue is here–with links and a giveaway!

Today’s guest post author is Sue–and she brought treats. If the indicated links are proving wonky for you, just cut and paste them into your browser! And the answer is yes to cookies. Always yes! Sue’s sites are not hyperlinked, so cut and paste, chickens. Also, I haven’t the faintest idea why, but WordPress got VERY sulky when I was loading Sue’s post, so please overlook the slightly wonky formatting…

Hangin’ With Sue London

Thanks so much to Deanna for letting us crash her blog party this December! It’s sort of like having an open house for the holidays and that’s pretty awesome. Comments are closed on this post, so if you have anything to say, feel free to drop by and chat with me on my blog on the sister post “Hangin’ With Deanna” at

In case you don’t know me, I’m the author of the Haberdashers series of Regency Romance and Rebellion. The fifth book in the primary series, Taming Chiron, should be out shortly – just in time for your holiday shopping! You can always find links to my books at my website I also have a couple of sweet Christmas novellas available for 99-cents each, A Common Christmas and Sweet Tannenbaum.

December is one of my favorite months because it’s one of the few times when we really slow down and focus on family and friends. Maybe it’s just me, but as soon as the month comes I start baking cookies and thinking about who needs to receive them. Over the years I’ve also become more concerned about experiences rather than gifts. You can only use/display/own so many things, but unique memories are a treasure for your lifetime. Although sometimes the best memories are also traditions – so it’s not that they’re unique, but comforting in their familiarity. My traditions even include the movie I watch when I’m baking cookies (While You Were Sleeping). Guess what I’m saying is that I marry December every year – something old, something new…

I’ve always enjoyed throwing holiday parties, and a good bit of my whimsy comes from my mom. We love to come up with a theme and cook a bunch of yummy food. My husband is the same way and he’s come up with some fun ideas like traditional Mexican Christmas. He researched quite a bit, so if you think that means tacos for Christmas you’re way off. The chopped fruit salad that year was when we found out that Fruit Dog loved fruit (he had a meltdown when he smelled the fresh pineapple being cut up).

Coming from a complicated, highly mobile, verging on Southern Gothic family, my Decembers have varied widely. One year I met my soon-to-be-stepsister (and immediate best friend) when we all went to Disney World together for the holidays. One year when our families were away my boyfriend (now husband) and I sighed gustily over our lack of a Christmas tree at work and ended up with THREE trees from wonderful friends – which we shoehorned into our tiny apartment that I referred to as “a hallway with a sink.” The biggest one was so soft that you could lean into it and rest in its boughs. We didn’t even decorate that one, just let it dominate the corner of our tiny bedroom and I would hug it from time to time. The tiny one was decorated for display in the front window, and the medium, prickly one took up a good chunk of the front room and was festooned with lights.

What are you favorite memories from December? Do you live up north and actually get in on the snow action this time of year? Or down south and can still swim on some days? (Swimming in Florida in December are some of my favorite memories as a Gulf Coast girl.) Are you a left coaster and December means rain? Come over to my blog to share your memory, be it riding in a one-horse sleigh or admiring the lights on the palm trees, and you might win a $50 Amazon gift card with a random drawing on December 23rd from responses on the blog post at this link-

Thanks again for letting me drop by! This will now be another of my December memories. And maybe I should send Deanna some of my cookies? I’m thinking some chocolate crinkles might hit the spot.