Stealing from Sally

So for the last post of 2016–thank GOD this year is almost finished–I decided to swipe part of the guest post written for us by Sally Kilpatrick last year. She had some great New Year’s tips, and I want to send us off on a positive note. I believe–I have to believe–that 2017 will have some good things in store for us all. I wish you peace, happiness, good health, prosperity, and all the books you can read. See you in the new year!

As you sing “Auld Lang Syne” this evening, I clink my cup of kindness with yours and wish you the very best. Here are the top 10 things I learned in 2015:

10. Planners only work if you write down essential dates in them immediately. (No, using the calendar in my phone does not work for me. I’ve already tried that.)
9. There comes a time when one needs to stop joining. That time was about five years ago for me.
8. Breathe. If you’ve forgotten how, go back to yoga.
7. Always bring copies of your own books. Always have business cards. Always be kind.
6. You’ll feel better if you quit eating so much crap. Promise.
5. Ask for help.
4. Tamp down those twinges of jealousy. Each of us has his/her own path. If you’re patient, things often work out better than you could’ve imagined.
3. Ask yourself if you have all of the people. Having the people is far more important than having the things.
2. Writing is like teaching—and probably most other endeavors in this world—the one person you reach/help/entertain is worth several others that you didn’t. Focus on the positive.
1. Do as I say, not as I have done.