Stacey is talking Chanukah today

Today’s guest writer is Stacey–sharing Chanukah thoughts. And to find Stacey, yes–there will be cutting and pasting!

Two Days after Chanukah ?
By Stacey Agdern

The day after Christmas is a holiday in it’s own. Two days after Christmas, people still have their lights up, even though their focus turns towards till New Years.
But Chanukah? What happens two days after Chanukah.
Chanukah itself means family and love, and every night standing in front of the menorah, lighting candles and blessing lights. But two days later, the menorah has been lovingly put away, the experience (and the latkes eaten) a lovely memory. People no longer debate about who dips crispy latkes in apple sauce or sour cream, who plays dreidl the normal way or bets and gambles on what side of the four sided top is going to…
And who exactly are we kidding. Even though the holiday is over, many of us find a reason to carry on the holiday traditions even when we aren’t lighting lights. My brother once held his famous Chanukah party (Latkepalooza) in March, due to various scheduling conflicts. Yet the party itself still felt like Chanukah, with family and friends and the smell of latkes being fried on the stove of his apartment.
We take our traditions with us, celebrating officially (and unofficially ) as the year continues. We don’t celebrate the end of Chanukah, because for many of us, it doesn’t really end. All you have to do is grate potatoes, put on some good music and let the magic happen.
This Chanukah, I was able to celebrate a special milestone with four amazing people. On December first, Avon Impulse released an anthology called ‘Burning Bright.” It was the very first traditionally published Chanukah Romance anthology. Four authors (including yours truly) were able to spin a tale (as opposed to a dreidl) of Chanukah.
My story in Burning Bright, ‘A Home for Hanukkah’ was inspired by a party like Latkepalooza, and the work that goes into making it special. It was inspired by the many cultures that mesh together in New York City, and the fact that the holiday season is really and truly the season of light and miracles.
May this holiday season be, for you and yours, a season full of light and miracles.
Happy Holidays,
Stacey Agdern
Twitter : @nystacey
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