Sometimes you need something soothing

For bedtime soothing, there’s nothing better than a straight slug of plain whiskey. (Although it’s usually bourbon in our house because that’s husband’s preference and I never buy the stuff.) But I am eating and drinking QUITE clean right now which means no alcohol for the foreseeable future, and what’s a girl to do when she needs something relaxing and comforting? A cup of tisane. If you’ve seen MY COUSIN RACHEL or read the book, you might be twitching by now, but it’s cool. I haven’t poisoned anyone yet…

For my blend, I mix equal parts dried mint, marjoram, sage, and lavender. If you have trouble finding mint–and I do–you can always take a plain peppermint teabag with nothing in it but the mint and use the innards. Make sure the herbs are all dried but NOT powdered or you’ll just make a nice green mush. Use a tea infuser to brew the dried herbs into a cup of just boiling water until it turns a soft golden-green–five to ten minutes depending on your taste. NEVER add sugar, although a drop of honey is not the worst thing you could do.

Carry this to your bed and sip slowly.