Something about spring

The vernal equinox was last week in this hemisphere, and something about the coming of spring stirs us up from our winter slumbers. Everything that seemed cozy and warm and needful in the winter seems cumbersome and thick now. It’s time to shed the woolly cocoons and flap the silken summer wings. There’s spring magic in the air, my dears, do you feel it?

If you do, and you want to incorporate a little of that magic into your daily lives, here are some lovely resources I’ve found:

*Over the Moon Magazine. Covering the mystical and the practical, this periodical is full of good things. Fancy marrying yourself? They have a ritual for it. Want to eat as your body dictates and not according to labels? They have an article about that too. The site is divided into sections on body and soul and the divine and the feminine and stars. It’s a tranquil place for me.

*Faerie Magazine. Contributing writers to this publication have been Alice Hoffman, Kate Forsyth, Laren Stover. It’s a luscious quarterly print magazine and well worth the subscription price, but they are extremely generous with digital copies as well, frequently offering free issues. Perfect for some mystical inspiration and connecting with the natural world.

Need some badass inspiration? Check out Rebelle Society. There are essays on inspiration, creativity, soul-searching, and much, MUCH more. They are not afraid to walk on the dark side, and if you are looking to channel your rage as well as your fire, this is the place to be. They’re not afraid of a little Hecate…

And speaking of covens, you don’t want to miss Ravenous Craft. They are a craft collective offering tutorials on all kinds of skills, from blending herbal teas to weaving dreamcatcher wreaths. But this is NOT Martha Stewart’s craft corner. This is craft with a capital C, full of intention and inspiration.