Scribbling and bibbling

Do you remember the scene in AMADEUS where Mozart tells the emperor that he has already written his next piece in his head, it’s just a matter of getting it down on paper? Nothing but scribbling and bibbling left? That’s how I’m feeling about the current Veronica book. Very occasionally I get a book that just comes together in my head, assembling itself so neatly that it seems less like I’m writing and more like I’m taking dictation. (I wish every book were this effortless, but that wouldn’t be very interesting, would it?) The book is due December 15, and apart from a 5-day trip to Toronto for Bouchercon in October, I am focusing completely on the manuscript. All other commitments and engagements are being put aside until this one is winging its way to my editor.

Part of my strategy includes streamlining my social media. My personal FB page has been locked down and will no longer be accepting friend requests, answering messages, or posting. My author profile page is where all the action will be, so if you haven’t already followed me there, please do! That’s where you’ll find the latest updates on releases, contests, appearances, etc. My assistant and the fabulous team at Berkley will be posting there as well, and this blog will (fingers crossed!) automatically update to that page also. As ever, I’ll be tweeting away and I’m getting more active on Instagram, so if you need pictures of Deacon, you know where to go.

Love to take personality quizzes? Have you worked out your numerology or sorted yourself into a Hogwarts’ house or taken an online test to see which color best represents you? Then you will seriously dig Anne Bogel’s recent release READING PEOPLE. Anne–who is a seriously cool chick I have been lucky enough to meet in person–very kindly sent me a copy and I was intrigued. It would have been worth reading for the chapter on highly-sensitive people alone! And from reading her take on the Myers-Briggs assessment, I now understand why I’ve gotten about five different results. I also really appreciated the chapter on love languages and have put some of the suggested techniques into practice. If personality assessments are your thing, you definitely need to check this one out.