Rounding up links

Happy Sunday, my dears. I hope you are well. Today we’re talking mostly physical wellness–food and movement. If you’re new to staying home most of the time, you might struggle a bit with how confining it can feel. This is why fresh air and sunshine are important, even in small doses. I have a pal who is taking laps around the deserted office park next to her apartment building because that’s the only available outdoor space. (Regular parks and playgrounds are off-limits in most locales.)

We are lucky enough to have a big yard and fairly decent weather this week, but I know some of y’all are stuck indoors because of weather or lack of private outdoor space. This is where movement can help a lot. Dance to a favorite playlist–disco, ska, whatever. Download a fitness app. Dig out your Zumba DVDs and then search “Zumba” on YouTube when you remember you don’t have a DVD player anymore. Pull out some apples and learn to juggle. Dust off your handweights and start lifting. (Don’t have weights? Canned goods and small children make great substitutes.) If all else fails, wash your sheets. Wrestling with a fitted sheet totally counts as a workout.

Tips and faves:

*Maria Dahvana Headley is a fabulous writer and thoroughly glamorous human who has a really delectable Twitter thread on pantry cooking. She’s adding to it each day and explaining how to use up various bits and bobs you might have lying around. (This counts as wellness but it’s also a good way to sharpen your skills and pass some time.)

*Down Dog Yoga. A fantastic free app that has recently branched out into Down Dog for Beginners, a barre workout, and 7-minute HIIT version. A perfect way to ease into a yoga practice that’s customized to you. Available for iPhone and Android.

*Sourdough Starter. Instructions from King Arthur Flour on how to begin your own sourdough starter from scratch. All it requires is whole wheat or rye flour and some all-purpose flour combined with water. It’s left lightly covered so that the dough can capture yeast just floating around in the air. A science experiment you can eat.

Once you’ve moved and fed yourself, you might need some entertainment. Here you go:

*My publisher–Penguin–created the hashtag #booksconnectus for authors and readers to share book recs over social media platforms. A great chance to see what others are reading and get suggestions to try something new or rediscover old faves.

*Several people have recommended “The Brokenwood Mysteries” to me saying it’s like “Midsomer Murders” but in New Zealand. Sold!

Remember to add to the Twitter post about this with your own suggestions of activities, sites, apps, etc. to be entered to win a signed copy of A MURDEROUS RELATION by March 31.

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