Round-up of reminders!

Thought it would be a good time to collect a whole bunch of things in one place!

First, you know A PERILOUS UNDERTAKING is coming out on January 10, right? Of course you do. Remember, if you pre-order, you get presents! Just fill out this quick form and you get a digital pack of goodies: an exclusive vignette, coloring pages, and fan art.

Also, mark your calendars for book tour dates! Here is the list of the upcoming appearances, and I hope to see you there. We’ll chat about Veronica, Victorian lady travelers, natural history–whatever you like! I may even drop a few hints about Veronica #3…

Can’t make it to a signing? No problem! I’m answering questions over at Goodreads every Tuesday and Thursday from now until January 10. I’ve already answered queries about the Julia series, the inspiration for Veronica, the differences between Stoker and Brisbane, and I’m happy to field a lot more.

Did you catch yesterday’s announcement? We’ve got a FABULOUS giveaway with six prizes up for grabs! There are ARCs of A PERILOUS UNDERTAKING for all six winners; the first prize winner also gets an exclusive Veronica medal designed by Torch and Arrow, and the grand prize winner gets both of those PLUS tea, a butterfly tote, a gift card to Murder by the Book–one of the stops on my tour–and Stoker-approved honey candies. Enter and spread the word!

Finally, we have a fun trailer for A PERILOUS UNDERTAKING to whet your appetite for the release–just over a month to go!