Passing the time

Today’s quarantine round-up:

*Series to binge–Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries. Charming 1920s Australian series with a flamboyant heroine you will adore. (There is a 1960s reboot featuring Phryne Fisher’s niece. Very mod!) On Acorn. This is a great time to try a week’s free trial membership at Acorn and binge a few other things while you’re at it.

*Easy pantry recipe with just eggs and some bits of veg lying around.

*The India Hicks Podcast. That’s the Libsyn link but you can also just search “India Hicks” on your favorite podcast provider’s site. India is the daughter of Lady Pamela Mountbatten, first cousin to Prince Philip and former lady-in-waiting to the queen, and the podcast features a series of interviews with the 90-year-old aristocrat reminiscing about the incredible adventures she’s had.

*Twitter personality to follow: Samuel West. The English actor with the mellifluous voice is tweeting links to his SoundCloud poetry readings. He’s even taking requests!

*You can still catch the cherry blossoms thanks to the bloom cam!

*App to download: Marco Polo. Send brief video messages to friends and family to check in during the quarantine, lift someone’s spirits, start a progressive story or film project.

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