On the newsstand…

So over the last few months I’ve been pootling through the newsstand at my local B&N and checking out bookazines and imported magazines. The downside is these publications aren’t cheap if you’re used to a five dollar magazine. I spend upwards of $20 on most and if you pick up an armful at a time, GOODNESS ME, it adds up. But I also think they are totally worth it. Since they aren’t regular monthly publications, they’re not stuffed with advertising. (Honestly, I’d rather pay more for a magazine and be able to skip the ads shrieking at me from every other page, but that’s a personal preference.)

The ones I have been gravitating towards are worth savoring and saving with gorgeous photography and thoughtful editorials. They aren’t meant to be hurried through. They are best read with a special cup of tea or a glass of wine and a leisurely afternoon. Most of them also have divine Instagram accounts so you can enjoy their work even if you don’t want to purchase an issue. Here are my faves:

*HAPPINEZ. A Dutch magazine with stunning layouts, this one is devoted to insight and inspiration. It’s a quarterly publication and particularly good for anyone interested in living a mindful, curious life. I actually feel CALM after reading an issue, no doubt due to the strong Eastern influence. It’s my hands-down favorite. Check out the link to see why!

*FLOW. Another Dutch offering, this one is dedicated to creativity and taking one’s time. The magazines themselves come stuffed with extra goodies–papers, tiny notebooks–all to support whatever features they’re highlighting. There are also fabulous specialty issues devoted to paper-lovers, calligraphers, etc. Where HAPPINEZ is elegant and tranquil, FLOW is whimsical and engaging.

*BELLA GRACE. This is the most seasonal of the bookazines. Each issue is full of ways to mark the current season, ways to engage with nature and self. The publication is very heavy on photography and features occasional workbook pages to encourage readers to connect with themselves and explore the issue’s theme.

*FAERIE MAGAZINE. THE publication for people who believe in the wee folk. Stunningly beautiful photo spreads combine with original fiction for a truly magical publication. FAERIE also features a regular digital newsletter for those who need a little dose of enchantment in their inbox.