New blog theme number…okay, I’ve lost track

Five? I think? Anyway, our newest monthly blog feature debuts today. Side note, it turns out I was right about READER NANCY who has earned the right to a capslocked name. She is tail over teakettle in school work right now and my shout-out on the blog earned me a delightfully long email asking for my opinion on deconstructionist literary criticism. Relax–we’re not going there today. But perhaps in May…

So, today’s theme is going to be LOVING. Yep, this slot each month is reserved for something I love however random. This month I’ve decided to go for full-on frivolity and flog some makeup. Those of you who have been longtime visitors here know my love for red lipstick–the bluer the better. I wrestle with reds because anything with a hint of brown, orange, brick, or coral is VILE with my skin tone. I’ve found good results with Besame and Lipstick Queen and Urban Decay, but if you’re looking for a drugstore option, LOOK NO FURTHER, my dears. It’s Nuance by Salma Hayek, and I am smitten. The entire color palette is skewed to those of us who can read sallow when we’re unlucky. It’s GLORIOUS. Lots of lush, saturated colors–very dramatic. Think Gypsy queens and smokey-eyed screen goddesses from the ’30s.

I bought three lipsticks–a light neutral, a darker neutral, and a red–and three nail polishes. (Polishes can also go deeply awry if you’re not paying attention to skin tone. I once knew a woman who insisted upon wearing coral nail polish even though it made her look like she was in the final stages of leprosy.) The polishes are red, bottle green, and a peculiar pewter-grey that is surprisingly elegant. These are drugstore prices, but the lipsticks are rich and luscious but not too shiny while the polishes give good coverage and last well. The packaging is sleek and pretty, and I literally wanted ONE OF EVERYTHING. Spring is a superb time to clean out your makeup and refresh your stash, so give these a look the next time you’re picking up band-aids!

(Also, is anybody else on Baby Cambridge watch? I admit, I’d love it if the baby was born today–the queen’s 89th birthday!)

One thought on “New blog theme number…okay, I’ve lost track”

  1. Lynne says:

    I do agree – I would love to have the baby come today. But by now it cannot be…it’s 8p at my house so tomorrow morning in London. But like you, I’m getting excited.

    There must be a bit of an artist in you, Deanna, if you get whacko over all the polish colors. I find I want one of everything, too, and have to exercise some self restraint each time I visit the drugstore. I don’t do my fingers because I garden and do art and they never survive a manicure. But I love to do my toes, so changing colors is fun throughout the sandal months. And the drugstores have cut little decals to give an extra pop of creativity.

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