Meeting Agatha

One of the questions I get most–and dread most!–is “Who do you read?” I dread it because it isn’t terribly original to invoke Agatha Christie, but she has been the most influential writer for me. She is the ultimate in comfort reading, whether I’m trundling along the main road of St. Mary Mead (in Inch!) or sipping a citron presse with Poirot. And I’m STILL discovering Christie books that are new to me, which is an endless delight.

But what if you’ve never read her? Where to begin? Not to worry, chickens–I wrote a piece for the Life Sentence on Christie 101!

2 thoughts on “Meeting Agatha”

  1. Tempest says:

    It is never a bad thing to invoke Agatha Christie . . . or Mary Stewart.

    1. Lynne says:

      I absolutely agree with that – two of my favorites, as well!

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