Making it rain–books!

A kindly tweep brought this to my attention on Twitter in order to give it a signal boost there, but I wanted to take it further. There is a library in Greenville, California, that needs help. It’s a combined library that serves a very small community that is desperately in need of books. The students who use this library haven’t even been able to check out books for almost a decade, and no new books have been purchased in about twenty years.

But it’s a new day in Greenville! Under new leadership they are trying to build a quality collection that will entertain and educate their young people, and we can help. The link at Throwing Chanclas will give you all the information about who they are and how to contribute. And it’s EASY. Send them books, send money, order books from your friendly neighborhood independent bookseller to be delivered–you don’t even have to get off the sofa!