Linky go-round!

It’s a veritable merry-go-round of links today–don’t get dizzy!

*Thanks to writer pal Susanna Kearsley, I discovered the Live Cam Rome/Pantheon. A quick search turned up another in the Piazza Navona. Need a little armchair travel? There’s nothing better than pulling up a live cam and pretending it’s your hotel window. Make sure you’re eating some gelato when you do!

*The Ten Paris Streets You Just Have To Walk Down. I’m hoping to stroll down a few of these next month…

*18 Incredible Places You Won’t Believe Are In London. I could set a book in most of these.

*Choral music not heard since the time of Henry VIII.  Presented as a gift to Henry VIII and his then-queen, Catherine of Aragon, this collection of music has been dusted off and recorded–likely the first time any of the music has been heard in five hundred years. It’s utterly lovely and a very fitting gift for a musical king.

*Speaking of Henry VIII, one of his favorite palaces is celebrating it’s 500th anniversary this year! Hampton Court, once the plaything of Cardinal Wolsey before being given to Anne Boleyn–is observing a landmark occasion with all sorts of festivities. Along with five other royal residences from times past, Hampton Court is maintained by the Historic Royal Palaces organization. The palaces–including the Tower of London and Kensington Palace, current home of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge–do not receive monies from the Crown or the government and rely upon donations. They have a special category of membership for American supporters, and it is WELL worth purchasing if you’re planning a trip within the next year. (I worked the numbers and for us the membership will pay for itself halfway through the second palace.) Besides helping to maintain these historic properties for future generations, you also get a bit of inside info and discounts on shops and dining at the palaces as well as free admission.

*And if you prefer your history a few hundred years closer in time, then check out this great piece by the Victorian History blog on what streets sounded like in the capital in the nineteenth century.

*Need a little mysterious fun? Mystery Tribune has a list of 7 Cool Detective Games for Mystery Lovers on Android.

2 thoughts on “Linky go-round!”

  1. Betty Strohecker says:

    What an engaging post! I visited some of your links and will come back for more later. Your trip is going to be amazing. The information in the Paris and London links is a goldmine for anyone planning to visit those places – unfortunately, not me in the near future. The peek at Highgate Cemetery reminded me of a book by Tracy Chevalier, Falling Angels. Tracy says Highgate is the cemetery she based this book on. Set in 1901, beginning the day after Queen Victoria’s death, this book is the story of two families who own family gravesites beside each other. The daughters in the family often meet there. One family is very traditional, while the other is venturing toward the modern age. Just visited her site and she is currently working on the Charlotte Bronte centennial (actually for all of the Brontes) beginning next year – some interesting stuff!

    I will come back to listen to the music. Thanks so much for sharing this information!

  2. Lynne says:

    What a great lists of links – I’ll have to spend some time on each of them! Thanks!

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