Lazy cooking

We’ve discussed my ambivalence about cooking, right? I mean, I don’t mind throwing together the occasional meal but UGH. EVERY DAY WITH THE FOOD. I am fine with eating the same breakfast for months on end. Currently this is 2% Greek yogurt topped with berries, slivered almonds, a few diced dried apricots, and a drizzle of honey accompanied by a piece of GF toast with almond butter a bit more honey and a BIG cup of Earl Grey. Lunches are some version of a ploughman’s–boiled egg or tuna, cheese, veg and fruit. I don’t mind the odd foraging for this meal, but DINNER. It’s the bane of my existence.

Until now. I browse food blogs which is odd for a person who doesn’t like to cook, I know. But I’m always in search of the ultimate dinner hack. (Sheet pan suppers, man. These are my JAM.) My absolute best new discovery is the easy marinades posts on Gimme Some Oven. The idea is to batch the process, whipping up five marinades at one time and creating freezer packs full of chicken breasts ready to go. I was a wee bit skeptical, but I snagged a big bag of chicken from Trader Joe’s and set to work, mixing tandoori, enchilada, teriyaki, honey mustard, and pesto. I managed to screw this up ENTIRELY since the recipes actually call for master mixes of spices to use for lots of different things and I just hurled the whole lot into a single marinade. Oops.

I was too tired at the time to worry about fixing it, so I slung them into the freezer and went about my life. One by one, I pulled them out and followed the SUPER simple instructions on baking. (I told you, SHEET PANS.) Every time they were delicious and juicy and 100 kinds of yum. It was the work of minutes to fling some vegetables onto another pan to roast alongside, and then I just whipped up some quinoa or rice depending on the flavor of the chicken. Beyond easy and worth the ten minutes of effort by a mile. (Imagine how delighted I was to find there are marinade recipes for pork and beef too! And if you’re a tofu kind of person, I should think these would be delicious that way also.)