Julia news!

An eagle-eyed reader has alerted me to a new development with regard to the Lady Julia books! Last fall, my previous publisher began rereleasing the Julia digital books with new covers in the style of A CURIOUS BEGINNING’s cover. (They continued with the repackaging into the digital novellas, giving SILENT NIGHT a new cover, but haven’t yet released the last three novellas with a different look.)

Now they are releasing the first three Julia books as a digital bundle with the new covers. This edition is titled LADY JULIA GREY VOLUME 1, available now for pre-order and will be released April 11. That’s SILENT IN THE GRAVE, SILENT IN THE SANCTUARY, and SILENT ON THE MOOR wrapped up together for $8.49 on Kindle! (The bundle is available for Kobo as well.)

BUT WAIT. THERE’S MORE. They are also releasing the next two Julia novels, DARK ROAD TO DARJEELING and THE DARK ENQUIRY along with the first novella, SILENT NIGHT, in LADY JULIA GREY VOLUME 2! This one is also available for pre-order and will publish May 16. (Kobo link here.)

(At present, the last three Julia novellas, MIDSUMMER NIGHT, TWELFTH NIGHT, and BONFIRE NIGHT, have not been repackaged, although I do have a query in to my former publisher to see if there are any plans to do so. They are still available with the original covers. My former publisher also has no plan to release the four digital novellas in a print edition.)