I’ve been staring at this trying to think of a title

And I can’t. So there. We just ordered delivery from a local Mexican restaurant. They included a free dessert with a note of thanks and I almost cried. *sigh* Time to take a deep breath and regroup. My allergies are playing havoc with my head right now because all the neighborhood trees are having an orgy and their yellow sexytimes pollen is covering EVERYTHING. But apart from that, I’m well, and that’s what I’m focusing on. I hope you’re well too.

Onward! Things to amuse or distract you:

*Reader Susannah has been spending time with the Vogue weddings page.

*Reader Lynn suggests signing up for a service like Webex or Zoom and creating a virtual book club or family chat. Most folks are using it for meetings right now, but you can get creative with it.

*Reader Emily has been going through old family photos–reminisce or take the chance to make a photo book via Chatbooks or Mixbook. (A pal made one for a group of us who go on retreat together each year and it was AMAZING.)

*Elizabeth recommends the Strictly Ballet series on YouTube for dance fans.

*Reader Becki posted a link to Chawton House, Jane Austen’s home, and it’s FULL of good stuff.

*Cody suggests starting a pet show and tell channel on your company’s chat software. (Might be a good morale booster, and honestly, who couldn’t use some more animals?)

*Fay posted a reminder that Netflix party is a Chrome extension which lets you watch movies with people who aren’t in the same physical location–a great way to host a movie party with friends without breaking quarantine.

Reminder: respond to the tweet about this post with your own links/suggestions and you’ll be entered to win a copy of A MURDEROUS RELATION. New entries: Fay, Cody, Lynn, Susannah.