It’s properly Friday, it is

It’s tricky to keep track of the days just because things are so much at sixes and sevens right now, but I’m told it’s Friday. (If it’s not, just let me dwell in delusion.)

Here are some links/suggestions to hopefully make your quarantine a little easier:

*Last night I got a DM on Instagram from a reader who is quarantined alone in her apartment and turned to my books for company. That got me thinking about folks who live solo and are feeling particularly isolated right now. I started a Twitter thread just for them. If you’re quarantined alone and missing your friends and family–or if you’d like to drop by and offer them some friendly cheer, here’s the thread.

*Jamie Oliver offering a tutorial on soda bread. If you haven’t baked bread before, soda bread is a great place to start because there’s no faffing about with yeast which is a strange and mysterious entity.

*Looking for a “whole family” activity? Jigsaw puzzles are back! You can work on them together for an evening or just leave one out for anybody to fit a few pieces as they like. My favorites are made by Mudpuppy.

*I haven’t checked out Animal Crossing yet, but lots of folks I follow on Twitter are completely sucked in.

*A fun rabbit hole of houses featured on film and TV. (My favorite will always be the house in “Practical Magic.”

Remember to reply to this on Twitter with your own suggestions and you’ll be entered to win a copy of A MURDEROUS RELATION by March 31.

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