It’s a linky roundup–get your ropes and saddle up!

Today’s link roundup features all sorts of yummy things that I think you will enjoy.

*Courtesy of The Toast (via Murder by the Book’s weekly newsletter) Signs that Agatha Christie Is About To Murder You.

*Also courtesy of MBTB (have I mentioned lately how much I love them?) Miss Marple vs. The Mansplainers. Kudos in particular for the parallel between Christie and Austen.

*Miss Fisher is coming to the big screen!

*From the Paris Review, one of the most sincerely terrifying things you will ever hear.

*From Brain Pickings, How To Pack Like Nellie Bly. Intrepid world-traveler and reporter Nellie Bly was one of the inspirations for Veronica Speedwell…

*Bake like a queen with QEII’s scone recipe–the one she graciously sent to the Eisenhowers.

*In need of some art? The Metropolitan Museum of Art has made 400,000 high res images of its collections available free of charge.

*Superb royal blogger Ella Kay has struck again! After the delights of her hat and jewel blogs, she is presenting The TiaraPedia, a celebration of our favorite and gaudiest bauble.

3 thoughts on “It’s a linky roundup–get your ropes and saddle up!”

  1. SuzanneH says:

    It is really good news to hear that Miss Fisher is coming to the big screen. We have had three episodes of season 3 so far and I think the standard is even higher than season 2.

    1. Lynne says:

      Is that cool or what? Glad you’re enjoying it but I’m with Libby – I would like to see it show up here before it gets to Netflix.

  2. Libby Dodd says:

    What a delightful collection.
    I wish Miss Fisher were playing in the USA and we didn’t have to wait for Netflix. How could they have possibly considered not renewing this show?!

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