In which we’re wrapping up THE DARK ENQUIRY

It’s time to relax with something to drink and a nice stack of books that all tie to THE DARK ENQUIRY.

For Gypsies and Spiritualism:

*GYPSY MAGIC Patrinella Cooper

*TALKING TO THE DEAD Barbara Weisberg

*OTHER POWERS Barbara Goldsmith

*SPOOK Mary Roach


*A HISTORY OF GHOSTS Aykroyd & Narth

For Sherlock Holmes and photography:

*DINING WITH SHERLOCK HOLMES Rosenblatt & Sonnenschmidt

*ARTHUR CONAN DOYLE: A LIFE IN LETTERS Lellenberg, Stashower, & Foley


Now, what to savor while you’re immersed in all things Victorian? I think with THE DARK ENQUIRY you have two choices, his and hers. Nicholas would prefer a nice bit of beef, a divinely juice bit of steak from a venerated establishment like Simpson’s in the Strand. This would be followed by an excellent single malt whisky–he is a Scot, after all.

Julia would prefer her reading during teatime, when Morag is busy whipping a hem and not underfoot. She would want a selection of sandwiches, not thin, weedy things but something to revive her after a morning’s sleuthing–perhaps made from a nice bit of beef as well? Perhaps her tastes aren’t quite so different from her husband’s. She would like hers with lashings of horseradish cream and piles of hot buttered toast. She does not like seed cake, but a light Victoria sponge or a lovely plum tart would be just the thing to accompany a pot of Earl Grey.