In which we’re thinking about Africa

Reader Elizabeth wanted to know if I’ve ever been to Africa, and if not, do I have any plans to go.

I haven’t, and that makes me want to sob under the bed until someone hands me a ticket to Nairobi. I would have loved to have gone, but as it happened, there were contract snafus with SPEAR and I wasn’t entirely sure I was writing it for awhile. By the time it was official it was too late to go, alas! So, I called in favors from everyone I knew who had been to Africa. They graciously shared their memories and photos with me, and many of the details of their trips as well as historical safaris made it into the book. I also managed a dash down to Florida where the zoological staffs at Disney’s Animal Kingdom and Busch Gardens Tampa answered questions and introduced me to their most interesting charges. (I was roared at by a lion and got to feed giraffes and pet a rhino. I’m still not over how awe-inspiring it was. I can only imagine how much more magical it must be to see them in the wild!)

As far as whether I’d go in the future, I would love to! I actually had a very lovely invitation from a reader to go with her the next time she goes over–I can’t manage it any time soon, but it was much appreciated.

How many of you have been to Africa? And is that the most exotic place you’ve traveled?

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  1. Vee Romero says:

    I have been to Southern Africa, mostly Botswana, five times and I am ready to go again. There is tangible magic in the air. You took me back there in SPEAR and the novella. In camp there is a thin line between civilized and feral. It only took one leopard next to my tent to remind me there are no fences.

  2. Annette Thompson says:

    Visiting Africa is like travelling back in time. Nairobi is one of the more modern cities on the continent but other than that, I feel like I’m in the 1800’s. It’s incredible! Deanna, just let me know when you have 5+ days free and I’ll set everything up. 🙂


    1. Ha–if only my travel budget for the year weren’t already allocated! Send me a postcard next time you go. 😉

  3. dee mutuwa says:

    i once lived in west africa, in a tiny village named Miango. it was full of mango, guava, avocado,passion fruit and many other trees. it was also full of snakes, spiders and lizards (one lizard like to stay on my bedroom wall). my animal stories are not many, but very frightening.
    once i was running on our school’s track and came across a snake that literally went across every lane (it was a dirt track, but you get my point). on that same track i ran into a swarm of killer bees. they had just killed a goat in my village and were now zoning in on me. the guard at the gate took off his coat and started swatting me from head to toe…miraculously i had only one sting on my finger getting a bee out of my hair! two puff adders were killed outside my door and one spitting cobra made it into the girl’s dorm. the boys discovered scorpions and a very poisonous lizard in theirs.
    a baboon came in my door once and stole a loaf of bread right out of my hands (baring his teeth), they are not so cute close up! i tell you all this and oh, i forgot, a pesky mosquito bit me and i lost 20 lbs in 2 weeks from malaria! (great diet, you are so out of it you don’t know your not eating:).
    i LOVE africa and would live there again in a heartbeat…matter a fact, i married a tall, dark and handsome man that innocently wandered into my village one day!
    The foliage is spectacular and the people are so giving and kind and full of grace. i even enjoyed most of the food…except for the goat’s head that my now husband ordered for us to share.
    do everything you can to make a trip to africa….it will change your life, but fair warning, you will want to adopt every orphan you meet:)

  4. Kristia says:

    Haven’t been to Africa and I dare say I haven’t been anywhere exotic, unless you can call Rome exotic which it’s not. But Africa is near my country so I hope that one day I’ll set foot on this beautiful continent.

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