In which we’re talking travel

I am currently in New Orleans for the RT Convention. This post is from the archives. Enjoy!


As I was waiting for my flight to Boston the other day, I started musing on the things I never travel without, my must-have list for leaving home.


*Red lipstick. You can be travel-weary, jet-lagged, dehydrated, and deeply unwell, and a large pair of dark glasses and the perfect red lipstick can make it all better–at least on the outside! My own red lipstick must be blue-red and not too shiny. Shine with red on the lips is like red lace on a dress, just too much of a good thing. I like Besame and Lipstick Queen, but failing that a tube of L’Oreal will do.


*Handkerchief. I seldom use them, but I always carry one.It makes me feel prepared and grown-up.


*Rosary. See ‘handkerchief’.


*Gothic novel. Usually Rebecca, the perfect fall-back travel book, but since Victoria Holt has begun to be reissued, I’ve started carrying hers. Vintage Mary Stewart, M.M. Kaye, and Barbara Michaels will also serve.


*Vogue or Vanity Fair. I never seem to buy either of these unless I’m at the airport. My absolute preference would be to take the current issue of “Red”, but it always weighs more than my carry-on, so I regretfully leave it behind.


*Dry shampoo. It gives volume and helps an updo stay in place. It is also helpful if you have a massage and the masseuse is over-zealous with the oil and you have no time to wash it out.


*Notebook. I picked up an armful of Kitsch Kitchen notebooks from Urban Outfitters, and they are my very favorite to travel with. They are THIN, but large enough to write in comfortably. (I scrawl too much to like a small notebook.) The National Gallery also has a line of very lovely notebooks copied from French schoolbooks that are feather-light and easy to travel with.


*Tiny chocolate bars. I seldom eat them, but I like to know they’re there in case the plane sits for awhile.

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  1. Lynne says:

    I’m smiling…must the chocolate bars be tiny? Bigger is better when chocolate is involved.

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