In which we’re talking about good causes

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So I’ve been tail over teakettle in work on my new book, but I have taken some time out to appreciate a few good causes. First, Septembeard! Grow a beard, collect sponsors, and make some money for prostate research at the same time. My husband is participating this year, and even though we’re only five days in, the SCRUFF COMETH.

Another hair-related project in our house? Our daughter just cut nine inches off her hair to donate to Pantene’s Beautiful Lengths. The donated hair is used to make wigs for cancer patients, and our salon even handled sending in the hair, so it was incredibly simple.

Not interested in growing out your hair or beard? Then may I introduce you to the Warwick Rowers? These university athletes produce a calendar each year of the fairly nude variety in the interest of challenging homophobia. (The calendar sales also help them meet rowing expenses.) They are lovely boys, charmingly naked, stripping off for an excellent cause. What could be better than that? Their calendar was the UK’s charity calendar of the year, and they have film downloads available on their site.

One thought on “In which we’re talking about good causes”

  1. Valerie Ward says:

    I all for a group of naked, muscular young men. Go for it boys.

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