In which we’re living like it’s vacation!

No, not really. It’s more like organized chaos with looming deadline, an imminent release date, and more obligations than you can shake a stick at, to employ a worthy southern idiom. But I dug this piece out of the archives as a reminder that it’s good to slacken the grip a little too, don’t you think?

Recently I ran across a quote: “I live like I’m always on vacation.” Now, the woman quoted was being profiled in a fashion magazine so the piece turned to how she dresses, but I admit I am far more interested in how she lives. I started pondering how I would live if I were always on vacation, and the picture is a seductive one.

1. I wouldn’t sweat the small stuff. In my day-to-day life, the details are what bog me down. On vacations, I move airily through the slowdowns, the breakdowns, the little annoyances because I am on vacation, and to loose my poise would threaten the entire trip, a trip for which I have spent lots of money and raised lots of hope. Mindful of the cost to both my wallet and my peace of mind, I let the little things go and put on a happy face when I have to deal with glitches.

2. I would be nicer. Because I’m on vacation, I’m conscious of being less stressed, and in turn, I’m nicer to everybody, including myself. I release my perfectionism and go with the flow more.

3. I would read more for pleasure. I never take work on a vacation with me, aside from the tiny flash drive that contains my last four novels. And that’s just a safety precaution; I never actually get it near a computer because I stay far, far away from computers when I’m on vacation and I never travel with a laptop. So vacations are my one opportunity to fill my bags with a combination of books I have loved and books I expect to love. (Somehow the Kindle hasn’t changed this at all. Because I had the Kindle battery die on me quite unexpectedly once, I always take a stack of books, usually cozy English mysteries.)

4. I would take more chances. When I travel, I often adopt a more devil-may-care attitude about things. I try new foods, I ignore the voice that natters on in the back of my mind trying to keep me safe and sedate. (You know the voice. She sounds like a prim little spinster and harps at you about eating your vegetables and getting your eight and a half hours of sleep every night.)

5. I would take more pictures. Well, alright, I don’t actually take pictures on vacation, but my husband does, and therefore vacations are documented. Everyday life should be documented too, slices of reality preserved in aspic. I have gotten better about this since I bought a smartphone, but I could improve.

2 thoughts on “In which we’re living like it’s vacation!”

  1. Lynne says:

    I love your summery but suspect that we could all practice some of those things on a day to day basis. You know – don’t sweat the small stuff – I learned that as I got older, without benefit of travel. Leave the computer at home – I’m with you. Never traveled with mine and never will. Too hard on the shoulders and that’s why I have a Fire. Pictures? I never seem to have my camera when I need or want it. All good thoughts…thanks or sharing.

    By the way, Deanna – why do comments close so fast on your blog? We have noticed that if we don’t comment on the same day we cannot at all. Any reason for this?

    1. Yes! It’s down to the avalanche of spam that descends if I don’t close it up within a day of the entry posting. We had one bad patch awhile back where I could collect a few hundred spam comments in just a few hours, and I don’t have time to babysit the blog pulling them all down. I mean, I COULD, but that would leave me far less time to write, and I know what I’d rather be doing!

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