In which we’re feeling linky

Hey, chickens! Back from Houston where I expect I had a wonderful time. (This week’s blogs are being written and loaded well in advance because I’ve got multiple deadlines when I return. I have a novella and a proposal due by the end of the month, revisions due July 1, and a daughter graduating from high school this month as well as travel lined up for SPEAR events.)

So today I’m going to be Linky Linkerson, the mayor of Linkieville. These are tasty things I found online that I thought you’d enjoy. Happy surfing!

*10 Incredible Images of Death

*Historical Figure for the 21st Century

*Virtual Victorian

*Vice and Virtue

*Sweet Violet Syrup Recipe

*How to Converse Properly

*Gin Lane Gazette

*Turning the Pages–the Royal Collection Trust