In which we’re feeling blue

Blue Gardenia, that is! Last November when I was in New Mexico giving a creativity workshop, I had the opportunity to meet the most extraordinary group of writers–one of them was the lovely Denise Calhoun. Denise writes a blog called Blue Gardenia with a focus on vintage fashion. She includes patterns chosen with an eye to her favorite movies and books–and she has a shop as well! She also includes some mouth-watering chili recipes in her posts…

Anyway, I was thrilled to find Denise so enjoyed A SPEAR OF SUMMER GRASS that she devoted two entries to Delilah’s clothes! First, a bit of her femme fatale glamour, the second more practical bush wear for Africa. Enjoy!

Blue Gardenia: Delilah’s Glam Side

Blue Gardenia: Stylishly Practical

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