In which we’re celebrating Julia

Since this is the month we bid farewell to Julia–at least for  now!–I thought we would celebrate with a look back at some of the exclusive extras I’ve written that aren’t available in the print books. Feel free to add your own favorite memories of Julia, Nicholas, and the gang of unruly Marches in the comments!

We begin with a few extras from SILENT IN THE GRAVE:

Cast of Characters

Lady Julia Grey, ­an adventuresome English aristocrat

Sir Edward Grey, her husband

Simon Grey, his heir

Nicholas Brisbane, private inquiry agent

Theophilus Monk, his man

Portia, Lady Bettiscombe, sister to Lady Julia

Valerius March, their brother

Beatrice, Nerissa, and Olivia, their sisters

Lady Hermia March, their aunt

The Earl March, their father

The Viscount Bellmont, his heir

Doctor Mordecai Bent, physician and friend to Nicholas Brisbane

Jane, partner to Lady Bettiscombe

Morag Colquohoun, maid to Lady Julia

Aquinas, butler at Grey House

Aunt Ursula, “the Ghoul”, houseguest at Grey House

Magda, a Gypsy laundress

Renard, valet to Sir Edward

Doctor Griggs, physician to Sir Edward

Henry and Desmond, footmen at Grey House

The Duke of Aberdour, Scottish nobleman and rogue

Mrs. Birch, a poor woman

Cassiopeia/Victoria, a prostitute

Hortense de Bellefleur, adventuress and former mistress to Nicholas Brisbane

Terese, her maid

Mrs. Lawson, landlady to Nicholas Brisbane

Reddy Phillips, gentleman about town and friend to Valerius March

Mr. Teasdale, the solicitor

Hoots, butler at March House

And the pets:

Crab, a mastiff

Mr. Pugglesworth, a Pug

A raven of mysterious origins


One of Julia’s new acquaintances, Hortense de Bellefleur, has a rather winning recipe for hot chocolate, just the thing for sipping while enjoying a good mystery…

Hortense de Bellefleur’s Chocolat Chaud

To make a cup each for oneself and a companion, melt four ounces finely chopped best dark chocolate into a little milk in a double boiler, whisking until smooth. When smooth and glossy as the coat of a sable, stir in two cups of heated milk. (For perfect luxury, a quarter cup of cream may be added in place of a quarter cup of the milk. This should be heated.) Stirring often, bring the chocolate to blood heat and sweeten to taste with good sugar. Pour carefully into a proper French chocolate pot, preferably Sèvres, and garnish with thickly-whipped sweetened cream and a flourish of chocolate curls. One may offer a plain butter biscuit as accompaniment.

This recipe will make two perfumed cups for an intimate tête-à-tête. To arouse the passions of a laggard lover, add a pinch of hot chile powder. To raise the spirits, a pinch of powdered cinnamon may be added, and to comfort a troubled friend, the milk may be warmed with a pod of vanilla.


3 thoughts on “In which we’re celebrating Julia”

  1. Harriette says:

    Oh, this is just the right blog at the right time ! I will miss your writing most of all……melted chocolate until it is “glossy as the coat of a sable”, “two perfumed cups”….Will you be writing other things that allows you the luxury of such prose?

  2. Lynne says:

    It’s hard to think of a favorite Julia moment but I can say I was hooked from the beginning when she told Edward to get up, even as he was dying, because of what the guests might think. I laughed – and cried – my way through all the books and have just downloaded the last novella with sadness because it’s the last. Please Deanna, make the new series as funny, touching, mysterious and compelling as Julia and Brisbane were. They will be missed! And Grim is my favorite. I love birds and he just cracked me up every time he appeared on the scene.

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