In which we’re catching up

Ah, alas–missed yesterday’s post due to circumstances beyond my control. Which is a formal way of saying we had electricians here who cut our power for ten hours and I was without electricity, internet, water, or hope. But all is restored and it’s time to catch up, chickens!

First, a quick reminder that this Saturday, July 13, I’m signing at Turn the Page Bookstore in Boonsboro, Maryland with Nora Roberts and a full roster of amazing authors. Come see us! Details for the event can be found here. (Be sure to call ahead to order a personalized book if you can’t make the event in person.) As a lovely prelude to the signing, I’ve been featured on the official Nora Roberts/JD Robb blog with a quick interview. It’s always such a good time to sign with Nora, and she is surrounded by amazing people who make it all so easy just to show up and sign books! Looking forward to a fabulous weekend. (And not just because I found macarons in Washington DC and plan to indulge…)

Also, this week, the blog tour for A SPEAR OF SUMMER GRASS continues! I’ll be posting links on FB and Twitter as they come in. Each entry will include a review and giveaway, so if you’re looking to win some swag, do drop by! Much appreciation to all the kind folks who are featuring SPEAR on their websites.

And this week summer is in FULL swing around here–hot temperatures, high humidity, and afternoon thunderstorms. How am I coping? Here’s a quick list: Elizabeth von Arnim novels (HOW have I never read her before? And did you know many of her books are FREE for your ereader?), white jeans, a new LL Bean Boat and Tote–small with navy trim and a 3-letter monogram, Guerlain’s Aqua Allegoria in Mandarine-Basilic–a bright citrus fragrance that is perfect for the heat. (I loved L’Occitane’s Eau d’Azur, now sadly discontinued.) And I’ve been hydrating like crazy with big glasses of cold water flavored with a drop of rosewater. You can find the food-grade rosewater at large supermarkets, international markets, and in my case–at Colonial Williamsburg. It’s potent stuff, so a drop or two will scent a large glass, but it’s amazingly refreshing and so delicious. If I don’t feel like rosewater, I crush a few sprigs of mint from the garden into a glass and that’s divine also.

What about you, chickens? Keeping cool? (And for the readers in the southern hemisphere, how’s winter treating you?)


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  1. Lynne says:

    The line in your first paragraph…without electricity…and hope”…made me smile a lot. We are such funny humans, taking the electricity and water for granted until it’s gone! And I always feel just a little panicky when the internet goes down. Tanks for making me laugh, Deanna – I really know how you felt!! (PS – it’s hot here in the Northwest, too, but instead of humidity, we are dry with wildfire warnings posted.)

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