In which we wander the moors

Since this is the month we bid farewell to Julia–at least for  now!–I thought we would celebrate with a look back at some of the exclusive extras I’ve written that aren’t available in the print books. Feel free to add your own favorite memories of Julia, Nicholas, and the gang of unruly Marches in the comments!

Today’s peek back at Lady Julia and friends leads us onto the wild, windy moors and the cast of SILENT ON THE MOOR.

Cast of Characters

Lady Julia Grey, ­an adventuresome English aristocrat

Portia, Lady Bettiscombe, her sister

Valerius March, their brother

The Earl March, their father

The Viscount Bellmont, his heir

Jane, partner to Lady Bettiscombe

Nicholas Brisbane, private inquiry agent and owner of Grimsgrave Hall

Lady Allenby, previous owner of Grimsgrave Hall

Ailith Allenby, her daughter

Hilda Allenby, also her daughter

Sir Redwall Allenby, her son (deceased)

Morag Colquohoun, maid to Lady Julia

Minna Birch, maid to Lady Bettiscombe

Mrs. Butters, cook-housekeeper at Grimsgrave Hall

Jetty, her scullery maid

Godwin Allenby,  farm manager at Grimsgrave Hall

Rosalie Smith, a Gypsy who lives on the moor

John-the-Baptist Smith, her husband

Sister Bridget, a nun

Amos Earnshaw, innkeeper

Deborah Earnshaw, his sister

Jerusha Earnshaw, also his sister

Mrs. Earnshaw, their mother

Orlando March, heir to Lord Bellmont

Lady Harriet, his fiancée

The Duke of Driffield, her father

And the pets:


Grim, a raven

Mr. Pugglesworth (Puggy), a Pug

Florence, an Italian greyhound and her pups

Rook, a lurcher

 And a recipe for baked mushrooms…proceed with caution!

A Recipe for Baked Mushrooms


In 1861, Isabella Beeton published the seminal work, Mrs. Beeton’s Book of Household Management. More than just a cookery book, it offered the wife or cook-housekeeper recipes, advice, and gentle admonishment. Each recipe was given with seasonability, price, and yield so that the most discriminating home-maker could be certain of receiving good value for money. She further included suggestions for serving the various dishes, with Baked Mushrooms designated as suitable for breakfast, luncheon, or supper. It is a perfect dish for invalids, being soft and easy to digest, provided the mushrooms are fresh and wholesome. It is a favourite dish of Lady Allenby’s and this is the recipe used by Mrs. Butters at Grimsgrave Hall.


Baked Mushrooms

16-20 mushroom-flaps


Pepper to taste

For this mode of cooking, the mushroom-flaps are better than the buttons, and should not be too large. Cut off a portion of the stalk, peel the top, and wipe the mushrooms carefully with a piece of flannel and a little fine salt. Put them in a tin baking dish, with a very small piece of butter placed on each mushroom; sprinkle over a little pepper and let them bake for about 20 minutes, or longer should the mushrooms be very large. Have ready a very hot dish and serve with hot gravy. Sufficient for 5 or 6 persons.